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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screenings in Rancho Cordova

With few warning signs or symptoms and a number of risk factors, oral cancer is among the most common types of cancers, affecting countless individuals annually. To help protect the long-term health of your smile and body, regular oral cancer screenings make up a critical part of routine dental visits. In Rancho Cordova, Dr. Scott Churchill and his team go above and beyond annual screenings to ensure patients are fully informed and aware of the signs and symptoms that can suggest the presence of this serious condition.

Beyond the Basic Oral Exam

At Scott P. Churchill, DMD, our approach to cancer prevention is proactive. Starting with an extremely thorough first visit, our Rancho Cordova dentist will evaluate all parts of your smile to identify abnormalities that may be indicators of cancer. Whether you are already predisposed to developing cancer due to genetics or other risk factors, Dr. Churchill will still thoroughly assess the condition of oral tissue and discuss potential factors that may increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

At our Rancho Cordova practice, we trust state-of-the-art screening technology in order to provide our patients with more definitive diagnoses. These techniques include:

VELscope Identification

One of the ways our office detects potentially malignant tissues is through the use of a VELscope. Our office has a VELscope which helps Dr. Churchill to diagnose cancerous areas inside of your mouth. This non-invasive light stimulates the soft tissue within the mouth, allowing Dr. Churchill to identify areas of unhealthy tissue that may require further testing. While this tool does not allow us to determine whether lesions are cancerous, it does allow for us to increase the chance of identifying pre-cancerous sites before more invasive treatments are required.


If during the visual and VELscope examinations something abnormal does turn up, Dr. Churchill is able to take screening a step farther by offer in-office tissue biopsies. During this outpatient procedure, our dentist will numb the abnormal area and remove a small sample of tissue. This biopsied tissue is then sent to a trusted laboratory for comprehensive analysis, after which results are returned to our practice. In the event the biopsy does indicate the presence of cancerous cells, our team will work with you to discuss your treatment options.

Protect Yourself Today

When it comes to oral cancer, prevention and early identification are always crucial elements to overcoming cancer. Whether you suspect you may be at risk of developing cancer or you’re simply looking for peace of mind, visit Scott P. Churchill, DMD today to schedule a comprehensive is proud to offer comprehensive oral cancer screening.